Sustainable Tourism

At the Secretary of Tourism of Cali we know that the only way to do tourism is to do it in a sustainable way. That is why our actions, training, awareness and behavior include continuous work so that operators, the value chain and customers can understand that they have a wonderful destination that must be cared for and preserved.

We are creating strategies so that we all enter into that awareness that "tourism" must be responsibly and that if we want to have them in the future, destinations must have good work and use practices.


For common understanding, sustainability in Colombia and the world is defined with 3 main pillars:

1. Environmental awareness. Minimize negative impacts on ecosystems and territories with tourism activity. Reduce garbage, not affect flora and fauna, savings in the use of natural resources and reduce pollution in General.

2. Circular Economy. Work and generate the greatest impact so that the communities where the tourist activity is carried out see a development in their economy due to the arrival of non-residents, this occurs with the sale of products, services, experiences or transformations. You should not leave a territory without having left part of the resources in the community.

3. Cultural and Patrimonial Conservation. The inhabitants of a territory and the companies that operate said destination must seek to preserve and make known to as many people as possible their knowledge, knowledge, stories and narratives that allow motivating preservation and thus this knowledge can endure over time.


However, to this are added the global objectives of Sustainable Development (SDG) and other impacts that must be worked on through tourism. At the Secretariat we are working to achieve 3 territories with the implementation of the NTS TS 001 standard in specific areas such as: a) Boulevard del Rio, b) San Antonio c) Pance. Already in 2021-October we started in Boulevard del Rio and it was ready for certification; in San Antonio it starts in 2022 as in Pance. We hope to have San Antonio ready in 2022 and Pance in 2023.

In Colombia, the Sectorial Technical Sustainability Standards have been implemented with all the operators of a Destination, implementation is mandatory and a first-party certificate must be signed that commits to comply with the three main pillars. How are these providers identified? with the RNT (National Tourism Registry), which affirms the company's compliance with the environment and good tourism. If you are going to hire someone, first ask for and check the validity of the RNT.


Good tourist? check list of 7 aspects that you must handle

We post the following questions for you in order to check if you are a good tourist. We hope that your trip is as sustainable as you can in Cali:

0. If you travel with a Tourism Agency, stay in a hotel, go to a restaurant, do some activity/experience and/or more tourist activities, do you worry about the RNT?

1. Do you minimize the use of plastic, Styrofoam and garbage when you go sightseeing? What do you do with this waste, do you worry about knowing what happens to it? Do your best not to use them.

2. Do you work to save fuel, make little noise and not harm the surrounding flora and fauna?

3. Do you spend at local businesses? It is very important to know that there are families that depend on this income, do not bring products from the place of origin because this implies less expense.

4. Do you pay fair prices for the services you are receiving? A walking tour, lunch, transportation, guide, experiences cannot cost $15,000, think of all those families that are behind those payments that you leave in the territory. The less you pay, the less you contribute economically to the region.

5. Do you care about the local culture and heritage? Do you ask their stories, the whys of what you see and their actions? It is important to recognize what you see and feel.

6. Experiences in the countryside, handicrafts, gastronomy and other products and services typical of the region are also seen as an economic contribution and heritage. Do you shop for souvenirs?

7. Tourism generates happiness and satisfaction for me, those close to me, and it should also be for those who inhabit the place.


Not only travel, Enjoy the destination in a sustainable way, it will make you much happier.

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