Cultural Tourism

In 2019, Cali received the award from the World Travel Awards for the "Cultural Destination City of South America 2019" and in 2021 it was nominated as "Emerging destination", one of the most prestigious awards in this industry.

Our city is characterized by having a cultural, artistic, gastronomic, heritage and musical diversity that has allowed it to be the cradle of the best Valluna and Pacific cuisine, it has an incalculable historical and intangible heritage that is made up of libraries, boulevards, streets, downtown historical, sculptures, farms, viewpoints, monuments, museums, parks, squares, squares and theaters.

The culture of Cali is constantly enriched by internal and foreign emigrants who, once they arrive in Cali, decide to stay and live. It is normal to find foreign citizens from France, Italy, Germany, the United States, Canada, among other countries, as well as inhabitants from other regions of the country such as Bogotanos, Paisas or Costeños who currently live in the city.

The culture of Cali is characterized by being friendly, cheerful and rumbera, the Caleño enjoys dancing salsa music or music from the Pacific from dawn to dusk until dawn, they have the best music festivals and the dancers of Cali are world champions of salsa , so if you want to have fun, the best cultural destination will always be the city of Cali.


What is there to do in Cali in Cultural Tourism?

  • Visit museums with exclusive exhibitions.
  • Tours of the Historic Center.
  • Walks through Haciendas, Parks, Squares, Small Squares, Theaters and Streets with colonial infrastructure and high Cultural content.
  • Visits to sculptures, viewpoints and monuments that allow you to take a trip through history and appreciate the cultural diversity that makes up the sky branch.
  • Salsa shows, with scenic and theatrical montage.
  • Visits to salsa museums.
  • Tours of salsa venues.
  • Learn to dance salsa in the Cali style.
  • Be part of the Cali Nocturna and the fun in Cali.
  • Enjoy exclusive nightclubs for salseros.
  • Festivals, Cali Fair, Salsa and cultural events.


Salsa in Cali

Salsa as a tourist interest in Santiago de Cali is the result of the process of social and cultural evolution that began in the 1930s with the implementation of radio and the inclusion of Antillean music in its programs, which was complemented with the identification of the Mexican cinema where the people of Cali enjoyed the film where there were ballroom dances with a live orchestra and a show of dancers, this is how those family and social dynamics gave way to the performance of quota dances charging for the entrance to the houses where the music that sounded on the radio was placed, this dynamic gave way to the implementation of dances for young people which, because they were not of legal age, were called "Aguelulos", where the traditional lulo juice and the Coca-Cola soft drink "Los Cocacolos" was the basis for young people to enjoy the dance, later this dynamic was reproduced in stands where they included a price at the entrance.

The individual and collective social construction of the Caleño dance style occurred in response to the way of interpreting the rhythms that sounded according to the time, between sones, boleros, guajiras, guarachas, pachangas, mambos, bungalow and downloads gave way to the hybrid commercial called sauce worldwide.

Santiago de Cali was recognized as the World Capital of Salsa since the 1980s thanks to the recognition that the city received from the Fania All Star, being the city a living destination for the permanent circulation of the great salsa orchestras. of the world.

In 2007, the UNWTO "World Tourism Organization" in Switzerland gave the city of Cali recognition as the world capital of salsa and joy.


What is there to do in Cali in Salsa Cultural Tourism?:


  • Salsa shows, with scenic and theatrical staging such as Delirio, Ensalsate and El Mulato Cabaret.
  • Visits to salsa museums.
  • Tours of salsa venues.
  • Learn to dance salsa in the Cali style.
  • Be part of the Cali Nightlife and the fun in Cali, enjoying exclusive clubs for salseros such as La Topa Tolondra, Zaperoco Bar, Tintindeo, Siboney Club-Discoteca, MalaMaña Salsa Bar, Rumbavana Club and La Social Cali among others.
  • Cali Fair and Salsa Events.

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