Nature Trips in Cali

So close to Cali there is an infinite offer of plans to do, from the typical outings of Rio (which are famous in the community), to stylish gastronomic sites, through incredible places for bird watching and the famous agritourism, highly requested in this Post-pandemic period, this just to mention a few. All these places without a doubt expand the offer of the city and add many more days and activities to do than you thought, since as Procolombia says; "Our luxury in the country is Nature" Here are some activities by destination:


This territory is very rich in water issues and bird watching, however one of the famous plans is found in gastronomy, where the Sancocho de Gallina is famous and has a national reputation. Now, not only this, hiking and cycling tourism are also protagonists since there are various ways to take it responsibly. The Farallones de Cali park (of National Parks) is in this territory and has an exuberant nature, fresh air and ecosystems with unimaginable flora and fauna. Our recommendation, enjoy this paradise called Pance from two (2) to three (3) days, so look for hotels in the Destination and Enjoy this paradise just 20-25 minutes from Cali.

If you are a tourist, you Should Go, although one of the recommendations is to go during the week because on weekends Caleños tend to go, it is one of the favorite and traditional destinations, increasing visitors and vehicular flow.



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Villa Carmelo

The territory is mountainous, green and full of experiences to be discovered. You have different ventures in the region that allow you to enjoy agrotourism, gastronomy and relaxation (mindfulness) with water therapies, smells and sensations. This destination is rich in butterflies, birds and amphibians that enjoy a highly preserved territory, with almost immaculate sites and where you can breathe tranquility and peace.

Time to Villa Carmelo from the center of Cali, less than 1 hour.


 villa carmelo


La Elvira y Km 18

This is one of the treasures for bird watchers, since it has infrastructure for this purpose, where you can see everything from hummingbirds to endemic birds of all colors and sizes. In addition to this, The gastronomy should be highlighted, eco-lodges and much more. More than 250 species of birds registered in this area.

Time to La Elvira and Kilometer 18 from the center of Cali, between 1 hour.

avistamiento de aves en cali



This is one of the districts with the highest gastronomic potential due to the agrotourism farms, restaurants and the management of green products in the area. It has accommodation and gastronomic entrepreneurs and has an indescribable tourist attraction of goblins and gnomes.

Time to Felidia from the center of Cali, less than 1 hour.

 Fincas Agorturisticas en Felidia


Pichindé y Leonera

Territory with Nature and water resources wherever you look, it has landscapes and entrepreneurship focused on agrotourism and bird watching are in progress, Let´s visit these amazing areas. 

Time to Pichindé and Leonera from the center of Cali, between 1.5 hours.

 bosques encantados en cali

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Los Andes

It is one of the largest territories, with tourist attractions such as Cristo Rey and the Virgen de Yanaconas, but in addition, it has an exuberant nature and is very rich in terms of flora and fauna. It also has small businesses that range from butterfly farms to accommodation and gastronomy places.
Time to Los Andes from the center of Cali, less than 1 hour.

 turismo de naturaleza cali

Foto: El País

Other districts of great interest and potential are: Buitrera, la hormiga, Castilla, Paz, Montebello, Navarra, El Saladito, Golondrinas. Discover them!

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