Audio Guides in Cali

With the strategy of the City: Smart City (Cali) and understanding that the place must bet on accessibility; Audio guides were developed in Cali taking advantage of technology, where it allows tourists and residents to learn a little more about the facts and narratives of the area worked. Design in Spanish and Ensligh, let´s enjoy! 

Find them at the following link:

Audio Guides: IZI.TRAVEL

Cali, declarada mejor destino emergente de Sudamérica 2020

Bulevar del Rio


We hope to have more Audio Tours in the future and have an optional offer for people who want to do Accessible and Different Tourism.

It should be noted that as Secretaria de Turismo we always recommend going to our tourism agencies to look for tours and activities since they have everything about the destination. Questions and doubts with a guide enrich and create a valuable experience always.


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