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The city of Santiago de Cali has the privilege of having an exquisite and varied gastronomic offer of typical and native dishes of the region, as well as international cuisine, which delight the palates of nationals and foreigners who visit our city.

The most representative typical dishes are: the shampoos, the cholado, the pandebono, the empanadas, the marranitas, the aborrajados, the lulada, the chontaduro, the pork chop and the traditional alfañiquez, are some of the delicacies that added to the recipes ancestral, keep the secrets of several generations of the culinary tradition of the Colombian Pacific.

In the restaurants, bars, gastrobars, cafes and the most renowned hotels in the city it is possible to enjoy the delights of popular cuisine, traditional cuisine, healthy cuisine and the variety of flavors and aromas that project Cali as the most important destination to gastronomic level of Colombia. The city also has market squares with a fairly wide gastronomic offer and gastronomy schools, where you can learn to make any type of typical dish, which is offered in the city such as sweets, drinks, sugar cane derivatives, among many others. others.

Cali is a DELICE city, something that speaks very well of the strength of flavors, traditions and customs that are worked in each of the dishes. In 2022, the world meeting of the DÉLICE Network will take place in Cali with a great commitment made in 2019 to attract this great event and which shows the great commitment to the positioning of the city in Colombia and the world.

What is there to do in Cali in Gastronomic Tourism?

Visit the gastronomic areas such as:

  1. Granada: Recognized for its wide variety, you can get typical Vallecaucan food restaurants, even restaurants with different types of national and international cuisine. It is a "Chic" area and very diverse in its offer.
  2. San Antonio: It is an area in the historic center of the city, with striking houses full of color and nature, large patios and excellent food. The offer is varied and is usually accompanied by a very good cultural offer.
  3. El Peñón: It is a well located area with national and international offer, it has modern and classic concepts, an interesting area to visit.
  4. Pance: Known for its Famous Sancocho de Gallina, you can also get a great benchmark called Fiambre, high quality coffee and other products derived from Nature.
  5. Galeria la Alameda: It is the popular open space where fresh and high quality products are sold, in addition to food prepared with the highest standards of flavor, peaceful culture and with a characteristic smile of this region of the country.
  6. The Pan-American courts on Calle 9: Known for its offer of Cholao, one of the traditional sweets from Valle del Cauca.
  7. El Parque del Perro: A very dynamic area with a wide range of restaurants and bars, interesting for walking and getting to know multiple places in a single outing. Around there is much to know!
  8. Ciudad Jardín: An area further south of the city, it has several open-air proposals, in shopping centers and with interesting terraces to enjoy good times and take advantage of excellent flavors.

There are several Gastronomic tours in the city, we recommend you look for agencies so you can make the most of what Cali has to offer.

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